Voigtlander Flash MX

Flash MX

Flash "MX" from 1952.
Flash using flash bublbs, with a reflector sliding on a rail on the back of the body.
This special feature is used to make the flash smaller when not in use.
The cable is fitted around the reflector when the flash is not used.
On the back, a chart gives the f/stops according to the guide-number and to the sort of contact chosen :
"X" or "M" (XM is the name of the flash).
Guide-Number from 33 to 211 (distance in feet from 3,5 to 20). f/stops from 1,5 to 32.
Speed from 1/25 to 1/300 for "M" contact and 1/25 for "X" contact.
Guide-number chart according to the film speed in the lid of the battery compartment (22.5 volts).

Back of the flash MX with the guide-number chart and the rail for the reflector to slide.