Voigtlander Superb Series

Superb Series

A series of high quality TLR cameras.
A complicated mechanism corrects parallax by swivelling the finder lens.
The Compur shutter speeds are engraved in the wrong way round (mirrored)
and a small prism reflects them correctly for easier visibility from above.
There is a magnifier and a sprit level in the hood.
A more unusual feature is that the 120 film travels horizontally.
Earlier models have "big ears" strap lugs, later models have rectangular ones.
Year of manufacture is indicated by the letter preceding the serial number :
E : 1933 - F : 1934 - G : 1935 - H : 1936 - J : 1937 - K : 1938 - without letter : 1939

Superb 1933

Superb 1934

Superb 1939

Superb 1939 (Heliar)