Voigtlander Perkeo 3x4

Perkeo 3x4 (1932-1935)

N°727XX (1933) - 3x4cm Format on 127 film.
Compur shutter 1/300. Heliar 3.5/5.5 cm.
Self erecting front. Focusing knob on body (camera opened or closed).
Model with fixed round optical finder and folding foot.
Depth of field table on front.

Several authors argue that a model with a fixed rectangular optical viewfinder existed.
However, no document from Voigtländer makes no reference to such a camera.
The photo above shows this type of camera.
But careful observation tends to suggest a model whose
the folding viewfinder frame was replaced by a rectangular optical viewfinder.

Close up image of the rectangular finder.