Voigtlander Icarex Series

Icarex series

The Icarex series was designed by Voigtländer
and sold with the Zeiss Ikon Voigtländer brand name.
All cameras have interchangeable bayonet or M42 mount lenses
and a cloth focal plane shutter 1/1000,
interchangeable viewing screens and viewfinders but the Icarex 35S came with a fixed prism.
Rollei bought the brand and the cameras became with slight changes the VSL1, VSL2 and VSL3.

Icarex 35
with waist level finder

Icarex 35 BM

Icarex 35 TM

Icarex 35 S

Icarex 35 S BM

Icarex 35 S TM

Icarex 35 CS

Icarex 35 CS

Icarex 35 CS PRO