Voigtlander Bibliography


Most of the information contained in these pages was obtained from the following books :

- Mc Keown's Price guide to Antique & Classic Cameras (USA).

- Voigtländer Kameras und Objective by Udo Afalter (Lindemanns Verlag) (Germany).

- Voigtländer Report 1, Kleinbild-SucherKameras 1939 bis 1982 by Claus Prochnow (Published by the Author) (Germany).
- Voigtländer Report 2, Spiegelreflex-und StereoKameras 1902 bis 1982 by Claus Prochnow (Lindemanns Verlag) (Germany).
- Voigtländer Report 3, Platten-und RollfilmKameras ab 1840 by Claus Prochnow (Lindemanns Verlag) (Germany).

- "Matters" quarterly magazine of the Voigtländer Verein (United Kingdom).

- Catalogues, user manuals and literature of that time by the mark.

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