Voigtlander Bessa RF Series

Bessa RF series (1936-1950)

This camera with a very long lifetime is the predecessor of the Bessa II.
Improved version of the Bessa 1935 without brilliant finder, but with a coupled rangefinder.
All models have a 1/400 Compur-Rapid shutter but can be fitted with four different lenses :
- Skopar 3.5/10.5 cm
- Heliar 3.5/10.5 cm
- Helomar 3.5/10.5 cm
- Color-Heliar 3.5/10.5 cm
As several Bessas it uses 6x9 and 4.5x6 exposures on 120 film and shutter release on front door.
60,000 Bessa RF were made.

Bessa RF Skopar

Bessa RF Heliar

Bessa RF Helomar